In the meantime you’ve heard about the possibility to turn your pool in to a healthy pool or build a brand new healthy pool.
You probably have seen some of our video’s which tell you the advantages of an Ecosys Healthy system.

Now it’s the time to give you some basic explanation of our system, costs and the next steps to take. As you might understand we do not explain the details, this to protect our system from companies or persons who are eager to copy it. Although our technique has some basic features it depends on the way it is constructed and what we add more.

For sure we will guarantee you a 24/7 crystal clear pool with healthy water, no chlorine, no salt or pH-minus, lower energy use and of course a water neutral use. In other words a pool which only uses water by evaporation and by stepping in and out of your pool. We do not have to connect your pool to the sour continuously, you or we can of course empty the pool whenever needed.

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Ecosys Baleares Pool Packages

An Ecosys natural pool is a water body where you can enjoy healthy water day in and out. Common swimming pools either use chlorine or salt, we do not use either one of them. We simply use the power of water.
That means that when the water comes out of the pool, it first flows in to a recirculation pump. The pump is protected by a strainer which blocks the pump from getting damaged by larger debris.

From there the water flows through a mechanical activator pipe which slightly raise the pressure, this water is penetrated with a very low amount of a natural catalyst which will makes the filter much more effective.
Our filters are not filled with sand, we use a different material bases on recycled glass. This makes it that you’ll never have to change the material again within the next let us say 20 years, the flow is much better and we can remove even the smallest particles from the water.

From here the flush water (up to 25% of a regular backwash) is removed from the filter in to a second (smaller) filter where the water and sludge will be separated. The water goes back to the filter system and the sludge is easy to be removed once every month or even months.

We do not use salt or chlorine, click to learn more.

Now the filtered water goes on its way back to your pool. In the meantime it is pressurized again by another mechanical activator, about 50% of the water will pass an break up unit. This is sounds scary, but it is an electrical system which splits all water parts, the great thing is, now the water is completely purified, without the use of chlorine. We do need another activator, in our case we use a fully natural additive what is used in the production of natural skin care production in very low amounts. This already has been dissolved in the filter systems material.

The other 50% of the water will be penetrated with a biological flocculant which will be activated by the sun. This helps to bind bacteria who’ll enter the pool due to our bodies, animals and dust.
The purified water will now come together again from both lines and will be redirected in to your pool.

We wish you many hours of healthy swimming.

We build you a clean and simple filter system.



In the graphics above you can see the average difference in used power, water and biological purifiers, which is luckily in our advantage.

The figures above are average numbers provided by our clients and experience figures from Ecosys and our suppliers.

With our Ecosys system you are able to save thousands of Euro’s on a yearly basis.
Besides this we have to mention that when using our sludge and water separator the use of backwash water will be reduced to nearly zero.

The water from your pool can easily be used for watering your garden, also this complete watering system we are able to install.

automatic sprinkler system watering the lawn on a background of green grass, close-up


Although calculating an average price is depending on a lot of factors on the premises where we have to build, but also depending on your wishes and demands. Nevertheless we shall do our best to give you our three main choices, from there we can start our discussions of what your wishes are. Our main target is to give you a high quality swimming pool with healthy water, low on energy costs, neutral on water use and low in maintenance.

The two sampels we will give you here are based on a turn key project fully executed by Ecosys, including build in machine room and Ecosys healthy filter system:

ecosys-baleares-swimming-pool-witout-chlorine-and without-salt-healthy-swimming


Yes, this is basically our third option. We are very happy to cooperate with them as long as we can make good agreements with them.

If you are very satisfied about your own constructing company for example who builds or is building your house, we can offer a participation deal.
When we use your construction company, they will work 100% according to our drawings.
Our foreman will be regularly present on site during the building process.

When they’ve build everything we start installing the machine room (this is always been done by Ecosys personnel)
An advantage for you is that probably during building your house, it is cheaper to use your contractor. Or even when your house has been build some time ago, they are pleased, you want to use them again which might save you some money.

Your contractor in this case can invoice directly to you.
All you need to do is bring us in to contact with them and probably your architect.