Cities are in desperate need of replacement from old age and wear. 

Water contamination can occur at almost any point in the delivery channel including lead leaching from corroded pipe solder, bacteria entering the system from water main breaks, or gardening chemicals back-siphoned from a careless neighbor.

Unfortunately most local and state governments do not have the financial resources to address these very expensive problems now or in the foreseeable future. 

To make matters worse, most cities also add chemicals like chlorine and fluoride to their water. The truth is, tap water quality on Ibiza will most likely continue to decline in the coming years. The best way to protect your family from the increasingly wide range of contaminants found in today’s tap water is by installing a reverse osmosis drinking water system.

We are able to provide you the custom made solution, nothing less nothing more. Need a system to remove iron, bacteria’s and viruses or high amounts of calcium…, we do have the exact system of your needs.

Contact us for a free consultancy meeting. So we are able to give you a custom made offer for your house, office, bar, hotel, spa or where ever you need clean, healthy water.


We do design our own systems, not just a 3rd party company. We have  a strong (and caring) technical support team, that is dedicated in serving consumers just like you. We have all the replacement parts and technology to support you for as long as you own our system.