Mostly all swimming pools do have a closed and pressurized filter system based on sand and chlorine. Besides the fact chlorine isn’t cheap it is also very environmentally unfriendly and its logical the water cannot be redirected to the sewer or garden when the pool needs to be emptied.

We don’t have to explain that chlorine is also very bad for the skin and indeed the eyes.

These days a saline or salt water pool is upcoming. But saltwater is also not allowed to be dumped in the sewer and is very aggressive to f.e. stainless steel or other steel materials. Your plants or grass around a pool like this is not growing due to the salt water.

We as Ecosys Baleares have the perfect solution; it is healthy for the skin, drinkable and finally you are able to water your plants with it, without dumping it in the sewer. Furthermore you will never have to empty your pool again in winter time, which saves thousands of litres of valuable water.

We as Ecosys use the power of water in any possible way. We also like water, so we prefer to use a zero loss system. In other words we try to reuse every drop.

We can literally change all existing systems in to our system. If needed we only keep the pipes and change the rest.

After that you have an ecological swimming pool, without canned chemicals like chlorine and pH-minus. A pool low on energy consumption due to a new energy saving pump and a lot more advantages.

Plus your machine room looks great and most of your equipment you can control by a mobile phone app.

Of course all low maintenance with the highest service available.

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We will give you more detailed information about our system including some samples of systems available.

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Our head of design has created an artists impression of what is possible when you decide to cooperate with Ecosys Baleares